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Ennis Lynch

Ennis Lynch is a professional coach and his practice area is from Port St. Lucie to Boca Raton with Stuart and West Palm making his primary area.

Coaching Specialities

Software Engineering Leadership

I specialize in coaching technical people (programmers, developers, data scientists, etc.) who are in leadership positions: Director of Engineering, VP of Engineering, Engineering Manager, etc. and those wishing to enter these areas. My history and background in Software Development and Agile give me unique experiences in the trials and tribulations in being an Engineering Leader.

If you are a Director of Engineering, VP of Engineering, Manager of Engineering or see yourself in these roles some day I may be a good coach for you.

Common Coaching Options for Software Engineering Leadership

  • Platinum: 18 Months
    • Weekly 1-hour Coaching Session
    • 40 direct observation blocks (up to 90 minutes each; onsite or on teleconference)
    • 5 unscheduled hours via phone per week
    • Weekly Goals Check-in
    • Access to additional time a reduced rate
  • Gold: 18 Months
    • Bi-Weekly 1-hour Coaching Session
    • 5 direct observation blocks (up to 90 minutes each; onsite or on teleconference)
    • Weekly Goals Check-in
    • Access to additional time at a reduced rate
  • Silver: 12 Months
    • Bi-Weekly 1-hour Coaching Session
    • Weekly Goals Check-in
    • Access to additional time at a reduced rate
  • Trial/On-Demand
    • Build your own coaching plan
    • No Up Front Payment for Services
    • Adjust to fit your need

Agile Coaching and Observation

Additionally I specialize in Agile Coaching. In my Agile Coaching practice I observe and coach Scrum Masters, Product Owners, RTE’s, Agile Coaches and any person that wants to be more Agile in business or life and help them through their Agile Journey. As an Agile Coach I do not typically work the organizational transformation-side put the people and the direct coaching side.

Most common option for Agile Coaching: Pairing with Scrum Masters for direct observation of team meetings + weekly 1:1 sessions during team on-boarding (first three months) with on-request 1:1 sessions for next three months.

Where I Coach

Your Office/Workspace

If you have a quiet place in your office or workspace and you work between Port St. Lucie and Boca Raton (Though, I prefer to stop at West Palm) we can meet in your workplace for coaching. Not, other than observational coaching, coaching sessions are private. As such a crowded open floor-plan or a work cafeteria does not provide location safety in order to develop and open, trusting, and confidential coaching environment.

Quiet Afternoon Tavern

We are very fortunate in South Florida and there are a growing number of amazing craft restaurants and Taverns. Often these places empty out after 1PM and can be a good location for coaching should there not be a private work-location. There are great places for breakfast too. Though I must caution: coaching over breakfast time may sometimes come with the penalty of watching me eat!

Your Home Office/Living Room

If your home provides a quiet and trusting environment, free from distractions coaching sessions may be observed in your home. Please note: children are amazing and wonderful but if they are home and their natural desire for attention and exploration and mischief can work counter to the coaching

Zoom/Remote Teleconference

Remote teleconferencing is becoming a legitimate option for coaching. While not as great as in-person coaching Zoom can work great when there are tight schedules and when you may only be able to get a small, private personal phone room at your office

P.S., bucket-list item: seeing the Pacific. Dream come true.

By Ennis