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How to Raise Phone Free Kids

Just in the news. There are now coaches to help Parents raise phone free kids:

I am all for more revenue streams for coaches but I have seen children. They are tiny and don’t have jobs. Maybe, just don’t give them a screen to start with : ) Let me share what I did with my nephews (And they hated it). I have a rule … no phones in the car. Well, not exactly no phones. They are perfectly allowed to use their phones. And if they do I pull over and start using my phone.

It takes a bit for them to notice. They are engrossed in their phones after-all. But after a few minutes they notice something odd, the boys look up, look around, and then ask: “Why aren’t we moving” My reply: oh, I thought we were using phones not Driving to Busch Gardens. The phones go-away and childhood is resumed.

Importantly, there is more to this than merely demanding the kids be bored in the car which is an entirely healthy attitude. Boredom breeds creativity and independence. Boredom stimulates minds and builds relationships. Additionally, the destination is so much more rewarding when the “trip” was not constant small does of dopamine force the brain to numb and the experience becomes just meh.

The boys are older now and the still talk about the many adventures: including the drives. If you want to reduce your kids screen time just do it. You don’t need permission, you don’t need a coach. You are bigger than they are, the don’t have jobs or money, and they will listen. With that said, if you need a coach … well not me but I am glad to hook you up with some that can help you.

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Ennis Lynch

Ennis Lynch

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Ennis Lynch

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