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What You See is Not Always What You Get

As many of you know I am in Costa Rica this week for work and will get to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time. Today, I stayed in an AirBnB close to the airport in Alajuela. Looking from the outside this dead-end street would appear to be a seedy underbelly to most U.S. eyes.

Last night was quiet, you could hear the children outside playing and the Abuela’s were all outside watching the street. A soccer ball got lost on a roof and the local cats, all looking very well fed and well groomed pranced the gated driveways harassing the local dogs. Safe, comfortable, and relaxed I am sitting here in air conditioning and writing a post.

In our lives there are always places, events, and people we avoid because of the outside appearances. A few years ago I coached a hiring manager who wanted to turn down a young data scientist? Why, the man was just too nerdy to fit in. The individual had brought in his laptop so he could demonstrate all of his projects and code to show off to shine. I asked the hiring manager I was coaching: “What is your objective? Are you looking to hire a realtor or someone that is passionate about what he is doing and will love every moment?”

Look past the surface. And not just at the rough surfaces. There are a lot of polished places and people you should avoid and relying just on what you see at first will not be enough!

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