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Do you make other’s welcome

I stayed at an AirBNB the other day. It was fantastic. Well, not fantastic. It actually kind of sucked. Every luxury I came to expect was missing. Well not every but a person can complain! With that said, the host warmly welcomed me, showed me every aspect of the property, and inside the room there was an honest and real printed booklet that spanned nearly fifty pages telling me about the unit and the area so I did not feel unwelcome. Every concern a person would have addressed. On the walls the hosts phone number and email, backup phone an email, pictures of key people so you can recognize, common phrases in the country. With these simple gestures I felt incredibly welcomed. In fact, I felt more welcome at this AirBNB than in some companies.

A company is not just a legal fiction and company is a cooperative group of people striving to a common goal. As such we need to make real efforts (and this costs money) to invite guests into our home. Make them feel welcome. Show them the ropes, help them learn and grow and feel welcome in the new environment. From un-funded start-up to Fortune 5: strive to help (not make) people feel welcome!

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