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When was the last time you received news or had events absolutely devastate you? How did you feel? Horrible, I imagine. When something happens that changes your entire course, cancer, war, death, termination, divorce, or any other of the most unimaginable news our lives radically change. And so do the lives of the people we know!

A most difficult task in a setback in life is to seek out others and help them even when you, yourself, have had your world so altered. Thinking of others, helping others, and being there for others is essential. The people you know are often equally or even worse off then you. By seeking to help them and be their for others we step outside of ourselves and realize there is a larger world of people and events.

Ennis Lynch

Ennis Lynch

Ennis Lynch is a Professional Coach Based in South Florida. His primary area of coaching focuses on coaching Software Engineering Leadership. On occasion he does Agile Transformation work as well but prefers coaching at the Team and Individual level vs. the organizational level.

If you have ever wondered: is professional coaching right for me and you are a Software Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering, Director of Software Engineering, VP of Engineering, or CTO reach out for a free initial coaching session. See if coaching is right for you. Initial coaching sessions are the real deal, no hard-sells, no "here is what you would get if you paid". Individuals that receive a free coaching session will get a normal private professional coaching session of 90 minutes (30 minute onboarding + 60 minute coaching) and it will be up to you to follow-up if you want to continue with help on your journey.

Ennis is always gathering research through a team building exercise called the Ball Point Game. If you are interested in a team-level exercise and want to participate in a research project to further the field reach out. The exercise is free in South Florida (and really fun)

Ennis Lynch

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