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Are you Willing to Change? Are We?

Change is a powerful force in the universe. Water breaks down mountains, surf builds beaches, the flow of people across the world change the course of history. With change so powerful, why is change so hard? Why are we so unwilling to embrace change?

Change Means I have a Personal Failing
Absolutely, positively, not TRUE! People are afraid to change and are even afraid to consider change for the fear that admitted we need to change is admitted fault of some kind. Not true! Change means we are adapting to new and changing circumstances!

Change Means I have to Learn New Things
True. Absolutely. When we change we have to learn new things New ways of doing things. New relationships, New Books. What’s more, when we change we have to work HARD at the change.

Change is Risky
Have you tried not changing? The is no guarantee in life. We could all remain the same and things could just get better. More likely we need to change to improve. Will change improve things? We don’t know. But we do know the more we work at change and the more we practice at change the better we get. Want to see some public adaptable change? Ever Watch the Good Mythical Morning Show on the YouTubes? Scroll Back a decade and watch some of Rhett and Link’s earlier work. Different, isn’t it?

We meet a lot of people in our coaching and some people are not willing to change. Before you seek out a professional coach ask yourself one, very powerful question: “Am I willing to change”. If your challenges in life are all some one else’s fault then coaching may not be for you. With coaching we look inwards in what we can control and what we can control is the change within ourselves. What we do, who we are, and how we react and adapt to life. Others are others and we cannot expect them to change for us.

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