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We All Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes. Even Professional Coaches makes mistakes. What is important is how we recover from our mistakes. Also important is that we share with those around us that we inspire, teach, and mentor how to recover from mistakes. We are not mythical figures standing high on a mount impervious to weather; we are not titans conquering through the heavens. We are humans and how we handle our mistakes and how we learn is how we help others.

I love watching videos of children on YouTube. They teeter, totter, spill, waiver, wander, flip, fall, and fail and rarely cry. Always looking lovingly at a caregiver for a shared laugh in the joy of learning and failing and growing. How can we take this intuitive wisdom and help others?

  1. If you see someone fail: help them
  2. If you fail; be honest and look at what you did so you can be better
  3. Seek help from others to constantly learn
  4. Be visible in your availability to help others
  5. Seek Coaching and be a Coach to for Others

We are all going to fail. The only question is what we do when it comes time to pick up the pieces?

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