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Do you Perform Breathing Exercises Before Important Events?

Before I go into a meeting or an important event and definitely before I begin a coaching session I like to sit down, close my eyes, clear my head, and take several deep breaths to relax and focus. Often, I have received strange looks as I take time before a meeting with a:

“Can we hold on, I need a moment first”

Followed by a few seconds of closed eyes and deep breathing. For me, it helps. In fact, there is a measurable physiological response. On a good day I can drop my heart-rate down 10bpm and enter a completely open state. For me it is crucial to be open and available for any conversation. When my mind is lost on other matters, thinking of bills to pay, or traffic to avoid, or work that is due I cannot dedicate my attention to the active speaker.

Before your next meeting or important event try the following:

  1. Write everything you have to do for the rest of the day on your note pad
  2. Forget everything you have to do now that it is written down
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Clear your mind
  5. Take four or five deep breaths


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