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Should Software Engineers Receive Professional Coaching?

Should Software Engineers, Computer Programmers, Developers, and/or Mid-Night Hackers receive coaching? It is a good question. Now, most coaching for these people is limited to Agile or DevOps coaches bringing in consultants to tell and teach developers how to do their jobs but not to coach and counsel.

In fact, most development managers and directors receive no training in coaching and development of staff. They, instead, are chosen for their abilities at technical architecture and design over the ability to motivate and coach employees. As such Software Engineers, while least likely to receive coaching, are often most likely to need coaching as their management line is absent of specialized training in the area.

With our development team developing institutional knowledge that is irreplaceable in our organizations we should invest in developing programmers as a total person and not just a “resource” to be utilized. Professional coaching is not just for Executives and Line Employees on the “Leadership Track”. Coaching helps every one in an organization shine!

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